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Botox for Hair

Hair Botox

Botox for Hair

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Hair Botox

Botox for hair is a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler, such as keratin. This treatment can fill broken or thin areas on each hair. Make hair appear full and lustrous.

Botox for hair contains amino acids and antioxidants. The amino acids and antioxidants help restore hair from inside. Botox for hair makes your hair smooth, make them healthy and stronger as well as more manageable.

Hair treatment with Botox helps fill gaps and breakage in the hair shaft. Botox also restores the lost protein. Botox treatment for hair helps eliminate wrinkles. So, many people consider Botox for hair as a 100% cosmetic treatment. Apart from eliminating wrinkles, Botox provides various other benefits. Cosmetic botox relaxes the muscles across the forehead. This helps prevent wrinkle formation during laughing, squinting, and frowning. Relaxed muscles between the eyebrows and around eyes make a person appear younger. This characteristic property of Botox made it suitable for cosmetic treatments to eliminate dynamic wrinkles. But, unlike cosmetic Botox, Botox for hair doesn’t contain the chemicals that reduce wrinkles.

Say goodbye to frizzy, dull, lifeless hair!

Suits all types of hair

hair salon in orlando, hair salon winter parkHair Botox hydrates the hair to bring it back to life. The treatment relieves hair from dullness and enables hair to withstand frizz. Hair Botox protects the cortex and cuticles of hair from damage and makes hair styling easier. Hair Botox penetrates the cuticle and make the hair appear shinier and sleeker. Hair Botox treatment gives the same result given by Keratin treatment but without using formaldehyde. When compared to Keratin treatment, curl reduction by Botox for hair is less. In fact, Botox for hair is a deep conditioning treatment to soften the curl and make the hair easier to manage. Botox for Hair treatment suits almost all types of hair like thick, straight, curly, fine, unruly, and frizzy. Results of Hair Botox treatment last for 2 – 4 months. Sulfate-free shampoo is ideal.

More advantageous than Keratin treatment

winter park hair salonThose who live in hot, humid weather always prefer Hair Botox since it makes hair frizz-free and manageable. Also, those who have to manage highly processed hair such as colored hair or hair frequently treated with heat tools find Hair Botox more advantageous. Hair Botox provides anti-aging treatment in a natural way. Hair Botox contains 100% natural ingredients like antioxidants, oils, proteins, and vitamins. Hair Botox is very powerful and makes the most damaged hair smooth and shiny. Though Keratin treatment makes the hair easier to manage, the use of strong toxic chemicals like formaldehyde leads to hair weakening. Formaldehyde may cause allergies, skin irritation hair drying out. Hair Botox makes split ends, and brittle strands appear healthier and soft.

Safe, no health risks

Hair Botox saves dehydrated hair. It also saves hair affected by split ends and frizziness. Hair Botox nourishes hair and restores its natural beauty. The healthy, natural ingredients in Hair Botox fill the gaps in the hair fibers and make them stronger. Hair Botox treatment helps rejuvenate damaged hair and add volume to hair. Experts in the salon in Winter Park carry out Hair Botox treatment the same way they do other hair treatments. The active ingredients in Botox include vitamin B5, vitamin E, coconut oil, argan oil, collagen complex, amino acids, and glyoxylic acid. Hair Botox treatment is safe because no toxins or chemicals are used in the process. Hair Botox treatment will not damage or weaken hair. Also, with no paraben content, Hair Botox treatment does not lead to health risks. View products

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Botox for Hair