Hair Straightening

A lot of women with frizzy or curly hair want to get smooth and sleek hair. Hair dryer and straighteners might do the trick, and it can be time consuming and not effective in humid weather. Read the pros and cons of the two popular ‘permanent’ hair straightening treatments.

Brazilian Blowout vs. Japanese Hair Straightening

Brazilian Blowout vs. Japanese Hair Straightening

Since it was created by hair expert Yoko Yamashita, it is also called as Yuko. It was granted patent in Japan in 1995 and after that the method spread to other parts of the world. Japanese Hair Straightening can permanently straighten human hair with the help of chemicals. The hair is first washed and blow-dried. It is then divided into sections, where chemical solution is applied, allowed to rest for 30 to 90 minutes, then rinsed, blow-dried and ironed. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, this treatment can last up to 8 hours. You don’t need special shampoo and can wash your hair as many times as you like. Straightened hair will never get back to its curly state, but new hair growth will retain its natural texture. It is also known as Thermal Reconditioning.

Brazilian Blowout

Also called as Brazilian Keratin treatment, it uses Keratin as the main ingredient. Keratin is an important protein that is naturally found in hair and nails. Brazilian Hair Straightening contains 2% formaldehyde that prevents frizz and allows the hair to curl, or become straight or wavy. It is a bit faster than Japanese Hair Straightening. Here the protein Keratin is infused into washed hair using a flat iron. Keratin repairs any internal damage, replenishes and conditions it, protecting the hair from damage caused by heat and water. Unlike Japanese Hair Straightening, the chemicals in Brazilian Blowout does not open and break the hair cuticle. The results last from eight weeks to four months. Do not use shampoo that has sodium chloride or sulfate in it. This treatment will not create the stick-straight look of Japanese Hair Straightening, but it will come closer to it. In short, one can enjoy the benefits of Thermal Reconditioning and still curl the hair.

In both these treatments, the hair cannot be washed for 72 hours, clipped, tie a ponytail or even put it behind the ears. The best hair straightening treatment for anyone is one that suits the thickness and natural texture of one’s hair. Consult your hair stylist before deciding the hair treatment.

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