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Organic Color Systems

When you have a low immune system, every chemical you put on your body makes a difference. That is why Bonne Vie Salon provides ammonia free organic color systems so that you can keep your hair colors while staying safe!

Cancer Safe, Organic Hair Color Systems for Cancer Patients in Orlando

Coloring your hair the safest way possible

ammonia free, organic hair color that is safe for cancer patients and cancer treatmentAs you go through cancer treatments, or as you begin your recovery stages, your hair and body will be incredibly sensitive to basic ingredients found in hair dyes. Bonne Vie Cancer Salon located just minutes from Downtown Orlando, FL offers specialty hair care for cancer patients.

Our team of trained stylists have developed a unique approach to the process of caring for clients that have been treated for cancer. We carefully consider your medical condition, and recommend the best course of action for your personal situation. With over 6,000 more follicles on the human scalp then there are on the human skin, taking caution with your hair care products is a must. Ammonia, one of the leading ingredients in hair dye, must be avoided at all costs for cancer patients in Winter Park, FL. Among many of the organs that are affected by cancer treatments, the liver, which detoxifies proteins of poisonous ammonia, is weakened. Introducing additional ammonia through the blood stream can cause severe damage. 100% organic ingredients for cancer patients is the best alternative to traditional ammonia based dyes. Cancer patients in Orlando, FL can depend on Bonne Vie Salon to use Organic Color Systems to avoid any harm to a weak immune system using the best ammonia free product.

Organic Color Systems that are Cancer Safe Offers an Advanced Approach with:

  • No ammonia or ammonia derivatives
  • No resorcinol, no formaldehyde
  • No color fading or banding
  • No problems with resistent Grey Coverage
  • No damage to the hair’s structural integrity
  • No putrid toxic fumes, no irritation
  • No animal testing, no animal by-products
  • No more sacrificing health for beauty
  • No disrespect for client health and comfort
  • No limitations of your creativity as a colorist

Organic Color Systems is the worlds first professional-only, ammonia free, permanent hair color system that uses 100% certified organic ingredients for cancer patients. Visit Bonne Vie Cancer Salon in Orlando, FL to experience a different approach to the traditional hair dying process. With us, you will be in good hands, and walk out of the salon looking (and feeling) beautiful.

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Author: Emil Aghayev |  Date Updated: January 31, 2017

Organic Color Systems