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Bonne Vie offers single process, double process, highlight and lowlight coloring, as well as semi-permanent, toner and color refresher.

Creative Hair Color, Highlights, and Lowlights in the Orlando Area

Express Yourself With Beautiful Hair Color

Creativity flows naturally at Bonne Vie Salon in Orlando, FL, where you can find amazing hair color options with Prevana hair color. Having creative color options for your hair is what makes hair so much fun! Whether you’re in love with highlights or lowlights, wanting a new extreme hair color, or in need of hair color corrections, our professional hair salon in Orlando, FL has your covered!

At Bonne Vie Salon, we start with a consultation with one of our highly trained hair stylists in Orlando. We believe that getting to know you and what look you are going for will make the difference between an okay hair color experience, and an exceptional one. As one of the best salons in Orlando, Fl, we provide top-of-the-line hair color lines including Wella, Goldwell, Loreal, and Schwartzkopf. Our main priority is keeping your hair from damaging while giving you the color you’ve been dreaming of.

How Bonne Vie Creates Stunning Color Transformations

Whether you’re seeking highlights or lowlights, a brash new color, or to restore your natural color, creative hair coloring is more than a chemical process, it’s an artful transformation.

“Creating magic with color is a two-way street,” says owner Emil Aghayev. “The perfect shade is where your style and our expertise meet.”

Bonne Vie offers single process color, double process color, highlight, and lowlight coloring, as well as semi-permanent color, toner, and color refresher to everyone seeking a luscious hair color in Orlando, Fl.

Why More People Trust and Choose Bonne Vie Salon for their Hair Color, Highlights, and Lowlights

Finding a professional hair salon that you can depend on for all of your hair needs is vital in the age where so many stylists claim to be experienced and culturally diverse. At Bonne Vie Salon we have the best hair stylists in Orlando, FL that will listen to what you want, instead of doing what they want. Bonne Vie salon boasts an impressive team of New York and European stylists with color portfolios that will knock your socks off.

Treatment for colored hair is incredibly important so that your hair doesn’t become damaged. Bonne Vie Salon is an exclusive purveyor of Davines, ORIBE, and Moroccan Oil products. These incredibly luxurious products will provide moisture-rich formulas with natural oils to keep your hair color in Florida healthy and bright.

Looking for Organic color systems and Ammonia Free Hair Color? We provide all of the organic and ammonia-free products that will protect your hair, scalp, and immune system from any unnatural exposure to chemicals. Just another way to show how much we truly care about our clients!

You will only find dynamic and progressive color ranges of Prevana at Bonne Vie. What many don’t realize is that your hair is filled with multiple layers of color, which creates a personalized look to every individual. With our understanding of a wide spectrum of shades, you can always depend on Bonne Vie Salon in Orlando, FL for every style and color.


    • Single Process Hair Color
    • Double Process Hair Color
    • Ombre Hair Color
    • Highlights Full Head
    • Lowlights Full Head
    • Highlights Half Head
    • Lowlights Half Head
    • Semi-Permanent Hair Color
    • Color Refreshing Gloss
    • Ammonia free hair color
    • Prevana Hair Color

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Every service provider at Bonne Vie salon works on a level system.
This level system completes two main goals.

The first is to provide career growth and achievement for the Bonne Vie’s team.
The second is to provide several options for your various service needs.
Service providers get level promotions based on the demand for their time.
Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs & their budget.
The training of our team is consistent, innovative, and in-depth.
It starts from the moment a service provider is hired & continues through the entire career with Bonne Vie.


Author: Emil Aghayev |  Date Updated: January 31, 2017

Color me fabulous