Choose Your Hairstyle

Tired of always leaving the house in a ponytail? Styling your hair is a tough job, especially if you are unsure what suits you the best. Well, it is time to put an end to this dilemma as we have decided to teach you how to choose your hairstyle in this article.

Here is a list of things that you need to consider prior to setting on a new hairstyle:

How to Choose Your Hairstyle?

  • Consider your Face Shape

Not every hairstyle is made for everyone. Some hairstyles look better on specific face shapes. So before choosing a style, take your face shape into consideration. Is it round, oval, heart-shaped, or square?

Long hair with tousled curls and sweeping fringes looks classic on heart-shaped faces. While this hairstyle will suit oval-shaped faces, you should consider getting a strong bob if you are a fan of short hair.

A pixie cut looks fabulous on round faces, and square-shaped faces complement every hairstyle as long as you have fringes or bangs to accentuate your features even further.

  • Try on Hairstyle Apps

It is not unusual to hesitate before going for a new look. But there’s a perk of living in today’s world! You can find numerous apps out there that will allow you to try on a hairstyle virtually. It will give you a rough idea of your transformed look.

Hair Colour Booth, Hairstyle Magic, and Hairstyle Lite are a few of our top picks. You can easily find them on your PlayStore or App Store and try on different hairstyles unless you can settle on one!

  • Consider What’s Trendy

trendy hairstyles

Celebrities and artists have a huge influence on the fashion industry. They could introduce a new style in the market, and all of a sudden, it is now a fashion statement! So, do your research and find out what’s the most trendy these days. View trendy hairsytles

Stalk your favorite celebrities on Instagram, and see if you can spot a unique but chic hairstyle. But, don’t forget to consider your face shape! If the celebrity has a different facial structure than you, the hairstyle might not compliment you just as well.

  • Consider Your Hair Texture

Let’s not forget about the most crucial factor – the hair texture! Mind you, your hair texture plays a significant role in how good your hairstyle turns out. If you decide to get a pixie cut with wavy and rough hair texture, you are signing yourself up for trouble. You will need to apply heat to constantly set the hair, and they still won’t look perfect! Hence, always choose a hairstyle that can go well with the texture of your hair.

Your hairstyle is the first thing that someone notices about you once you step foot in a room. For this reason, one can simply not afford to mess with their hair. So, make sure to do your research before making a life-altering decision about your appearance. Lastly, do what your heart says. Don’t settle on the opinion of others and if you feel confident about a new style, just go for it!

So are you still looking at how to choose your hairstyle? Worry no more, we are here!

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