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How to Deal with My Curly Hair – Recommended by Hair Salon in Winter Park

Natural curly hair care might need extra attention, especially during humid seasons in Winter Park, FL. Dryness and breakage are more common in curly hair than in other hair types. You can, however, maintain your curls healthy and look fantastic with the appropriate regimen and treatments for curly hair at our salon in Winter Park with professionals. This post is for you if you’ve been wondering how to calm down curly hair. Here are verified beauty expert-recommended techniques to make your curly hair look good.

Only wash your hair when needed

Washing curly hair too often may cause it to become dry, frizzy, and difficult to maintain. Thick, curly hair does not need daily or even weekly washing. However, for best scalp and hair health, you should wash your hair at least every 2 to 3 weeks. Wash your hair in portions if it is long or thick to avoid damage or tangling. Choose a hydrating shampoo designed for curly hair. If you usually style your hair with gels, oils, creams, or pomades, use a clarifying shampoo first, followed by moisturizing shampoo. When showering, use a shower cap to protect your hair between washes. To avoid scalp issues, it is essential to reset the scalp on a regular basis. The curly hair salon at Winter Park has beauty and skincare specialists on hand to assist you.

Keep your hair moisturized

Curly hair is drier than other varieties of hair. Condition your whole hair, not just the ends, to keep it moisturized. After washing your hair: winter park hair salon treatment for curly hair

  1. Apply a heavy conditioner with glycerin or a fatty alcohol like cetyl or stearyl alcohol.
  2. After you’ve completed washing and conditioning your hair, use oil or leave-in conditioner to help with moisturization. If your hair is dehydrated or if you have difficulty detangling it before shampooing, you may add conditioner before washing it.

Steaming your hair

Steaming your hair with conditioner is a tip that the curly hair salon at Winter Park swears on. The heat changes the physical nature of the hair. The steam helps to distribute the moisturizing ingredients of your conditioner to the hair cuticle by opening the cuticle and improving access to the hair strand’s deeper layers.

Take good care of your hair

If you go too long between washes, you may get dandruff owing to an excess of oil on your scalp. However, dandruff shampoo might cause your hair to become dry. Apply anti-dandruff shampoo just to your scalp, then rinse after 2-10 minutes or the period specified in the instructions. Then, for the remainder of your hair, apply a hydrating shampoo. If you have dandruff, visit a qualified curly hair salon at Winter Park for a permanent scalp cure.

Your hair should be untangled

Curly hair is prone to knotting. Thoroughly wet your hair, and use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb and brush designed for oily or curly hair to untangle your hair in between washes. To make detangling simpler, work in portions. To keep your hair from breaking and frizzing, avoid combing it while it is dry.

Detangle your hair while washing

Running your fingers through your hair without causing breaking is a gentle approach to detangling fine hair with a loose curl pattern. Curly Hair Salon in Winter Park advises using a comb with wide teeth or a detangling brush for coarser hair textures and tighter curl patterns.

Keep the sun off your curls

Heat and the sun’s damaging UV radiation may cause curly hair to dry out. To protect your curls, use a hat with a broad brim and make sure your hair is hydrated.

Take care of your hair when you’re sleeping

If you’re able, tie your hair into a loose ponytail on top of your head (like a pineapple) or a loose braid before bed to protect your curls and avoid friction against your pillowcase, which may cause frizz and breakage.
Other acceptable Curly hair care advice includes selecting the proper style product depending on your hair type and texture, learning about your hair’s porosity, and not touching your hair.

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Our hair stylist will check the condition of your hair and recommend treatments. Depending on what your hair needs, our top hair treatments are:


Don’t be disheartened; contact a curly hair salon professional at Winter Park to be confident of the product that works for your hair type. A hair professional is required to locate the ideal regimen for curly or tightly coiled hair. Make an appointment with us if you have any queries regarding how to care for thick, curly hair.

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