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Metal Detox Treatment

Metal Detox Treatment

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The experts at L’Oreal Professionnel Paris have spent seven years researching the existence of metal concentrations that build up within the fibers of the hair, eventually resulting in fragile, breakable hair and also affecting the reliability of color results during coloring, balayage, and lightening.

Experts’ Opinion about Metal Detox

This research has been conducting in conjunction with hairdressers from all over the world, and the end result is a Patented technology that neutralizes the metal within the hair fiber and detoxifies the hair, reducing the potential for breakage by 87% and ensuring 100% reliable color results!

Hairdressers across the globe have consistently been challenged by one common issue, and this is the presence of metal within the hair fibers.

Our hair, even when it is strong, healthy, and well maintained, can contain metal inside the fiber, which reacts with oxidants during color, bleaching, and balayage. It ultimately causes weaker fibers, breakage, and a less consistent color outcome.

A collaborative seven-year partnership undertaken with the experts at the University of Ioannina, in Greece, along with hair experts and scientists, embarked on a mission to ascertain the root cause of these challenges and task themselves with finding a solution.

They examined the composition of hair and its nature, utilizing a communal in-depth knowledge and understanding of the make-up of hair fibers. The researchers at the University of Ioannina were able to identify the overwhelmingly common challenges and inconsistencies that had been identified by hairdressers and professionals everywhere. Notably, the presence of metal particles accumulated within the hair fiber itself, as opposed to on its surface.

Geographically, the metal levels in the water will vary from location to location, based on a specific environment. After multiple washes, the hair fibers will, over time, build up an accumulation of metal particles. This is even more pronounced with more porous hair fibers. Added to the increased risk of breakage, some metal particles – most notably copper, will react to the primary ingredients used in color and bleaching products. Ultimately this leads to unreliable color results and unhappy customers.

Upon the identification of the rationale behind metal deposits found in hair fibers, they were able to focus on pinpointing a solution to combat the undesired effects that this causes. Again, the team employed their unmatched collective knowledge of hair, formulation, and the science of active ingredients.

The ultimate solution was identified to be Glicoamine. Glicoamine is a patented molecule that is so small that it is actually able to infiltrate the hair fiber itself and target the existing metal particles within the hair.


Even when metal particles may be sporadically distributed throughout the hair fiber, the Glicoamine utilizes its chelating properties to bond with them, forming a stable, water-soluble complex and neutralizing the metal deposits within the hair fibers.

This is a ground-breaking, innovative advancement in science that is set to head enormous developments within the cosmetic world by making possible the process of creating products that are capable of neutralizing the presence of metal within the hair and ultimately leading to more consistently positive color results.

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Author: Hair Salon |  Date Updated: September 22, 2021

Metal Detox Treatment