Japanese Hair Straightening

Why is Japanese hair straightening effective?

Why is Japanese hair straightening effective? Do you want to get straight hair? Many of us with curly hair straighten our hair on a regular basis and get exhausted. It is a fact that straightening can cause pain in your arms by using a flat iron. 

So Japanese hair straightening is the best solution for getting perfect and permanent straight hair. It helps to get super sleek hair for the long term.

Now, if you are new to Japanese hair straightening, this guide is for you. Here we will share the details about what is Japanese hair straightening and why you choose it among other treatments. 

Why Japanese hair straightening is popular

Japanese hair straightening is also famous for thermal reconditioning. It is a permanent solution for curly hair. Through chemical restructuring, Japanese hair straightening will remove 90 percent of curls, frizz, and hair volume. Your hair bonds will get the chemical treatment and give you a sleeker look. 

Process of Japanese hair straightening

The Japanese hair straightening process is different from keratin. If you are looking to get the perfect results, then ensure to choose a professional salon. A professional hairstylist for Japanese hair straightening will help to get a more sleek look and eliminate the curls effectively. 

● First, the hair stylist will apply the solution to break the chemical bonds to get a straight look. It will also soften your hair. 

● After applying the solution, the hair stylist will rinse the hair and blow dry it for further process. 

● After the blow dryer, stylish will use the flat iron to lock the hairs in a smooth and shiny look. 

● The next step is to neutralize the hairs to restore your hair’s bonds and pH levels. It will help to keep the hair straight for a longer time. 

● After some time, your hair will again be rinsed, washed, blown dry, and flat ironed for a more smooth look. 

Keratin or Japanese straightening, which is better?

Japanese hair straightening treatments will help you straighten your hair and give smooth, shiny results. It is easy to blow dry your hair after getting the straightening treatment. 

However, keratin is another famous treatment for getting straight hair. But there is a significant difference between keratin and Japanese hair straightening. 

Japanese hair straightening is more intense and gives smooth hair. It will break your hair bonds and reconfigure your hair to provide maximum straitness. However, keratin is a quick process for reducing frizz but will not break the hair bonds. 

Japanese hair straightening will remove the curls for longer and give permanent results. It will give permanent results and provide better value for your money. Overall, Japanese hair straightening is better than keratin treatment. 

Bonne Vie is a professional hair salon for getting Japanese hair straightening treatments. Ensure that you visit a professional salon for hair treatment and better results. Now ensure to visit us and get your hair straightening treatment done to get better looks. 

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